Christmas Recap

I am finally getting my Christmas recap post done! It has been quite busy in our household! We hit a few snags (between our two illnesses) but we were so glad to spend the holiday at home! Thankfully the snow held off long enough on Christmas day for my parents to arrive so we didn’t have to spend Christmas alone (which we were afraid of!).

Christmas Eve was spent getting ready for company as well as Santa! Abby and I made gluten-free cookies for Santa (just in case he has Celiac too!) before heading to our Christmas Eve service at church!

After the service, we had our traditional Mexican dinner (this year I made gluten-free Mexican pizza and it was delicious!). Abby opened up her new pair of Christmas PJs before we snuggled up to watch A Christmas Story before bed!

When morning came, Abby pitter-pattered into our room at 8am so we got ready to check out what Santa had left! When we went into the living room, Abby knew just what to do! She ran straight for her pile of presents and dove in! She took her time and wanted to fully check out and play with each one before moving onto the next! Her favorites were her cook set to go with her kitchen, her tool set, and her ball pit (created from a clearance baby pool and a bag of balls from Walmart)!

And best of all, we got a white Christmas! It was the first white Christmas this part of NC has seen in over 60 years! How crazy is that?! It started snowing shortly after lunch and it continued into the next day. We ended up with around 5 inches which was just enough to make things beautiful and play in!

I hope your holiday has been just as amazing as ours!

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  1. Brooke says:

    the ball pit was a great idea on Santa’s part! 🙂 very cool


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