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I think I have been trying to get my home organized pretty much since we moved in over two years ago. After the summer’s hospital action, we have struggled to keep everything tolerable and I think my husband and I have both reached a point where we are most definitely ready to get a head of the mess.

My normal MO is to get completely overwhelmed with clutter, clean like a crazy woman, overdo it, and end up in an awful flare for a week. Thankfully through a great blog I read Jenny Free Style, I discovered Home Organization 101 which is hosted by A Bowl Full of Lemons! It is a 14 week “course” so each area of the house is broken up into a different week with a list of tasks to complete. So I am really¬† looking forward to only focusing one one area of the house a week instead of feeling like I need to cram organizing the whole house into one weekend.

14 Week Organization Course by A Bowl Full of Lemons

Week 1 is the kitchen! I will be posting my results after completely the tasks for Week 1 later this week!
Anyone want to join me? You can find out more details here!

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2 comments on “Home Organization 101

  1. Annabelle says:

    I definitely need to do this as well. I’ve been trying to organize in increments for months, but now I’m thinking about moving, and I definitely need to get things under control before then!

  2. Loco YaYa says:

    if i could ever organize anything i would win.


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