Very sad

This afternoon I got the news that a coworker passed away.  He was the marching band director and had an extremely contagious personality.  Every time he saw me he joked with about joining the marching band.  He was doing some wonderful things on campus and I know how dedicated he was to his job.  He was found this afternoon in his office by a couple students I believe.  My heart goes out to his wife and family as well as all of those whose lives he has touched.  I can’t help but ponder on how we can honestly never know when our time is going to be up.  I am sure when he left for work this morning he was certain that he would be home in time for dinner.  Hopefully we all can see how waking up each and every day is a blessing and how we cannot take life for granted.  I want to live each day like its my last so my loved ones will never have to question my love for them and so that the legacy I leave behind is one that glorifies Christ.

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