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Our Trip To Lookup Lodge: Life As A YPW

Lookup Lodge

I survived the weekend and had an absolute blast at Look Up Lodge with the youth. I was exhausted when we got back but it was well worth it! And you can see by the picture that I even did the Giant Swing (this was on our way up–I can’t imagine my facial expression on the way down!)!

I also had my first therapy session today. It was a more of a meet & greet to get to know each other. I’m guessing the next session we will dive deeper into my psyche (hahaha…scary huh?). The part that I’m going to struggle with is being completely open. I could feel myself wanting to withdraw today as I was afraid of being judged, even though she is a wonderful woman. She had all of the positive communication traits that I have learned about in class but its still different sitting on the opposite side. I’m really looking forward to it too. Maybe soon I’ll be able to enjoy a more positive outlook on life.

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