Happy New Year!

I can’t believe that it is already 2009!!  It is so crazy!  I always thought that my mom was nuts when she told me that time flies by faster when you are an adult and now I completely believe her!  My 10 year high school class reunion is this year.  TEN YEAR!!  I feel so old 🙂

Since the new year is upon us, it is time to make resolutions to make 2009 the best year possible!  Instead of vowing to stick to a diet and other “typical” resolutions, I want to make changes that not only will change my life but the lives of others.  As I was browsing various websites, I came across this article on (which you should all check out by the way) so I thought that I would share.

Get ready for the new!

by Jenni Prokopy, the Editrix

I have to be completely honest with you, Babes, and tell you that in some ways, 2008 really sucked. Oh, so negative, I know! But it did. The 5-second rundown: Post-microburst/tornado-thingy-related building reconstruction lasted for months, we finally moved back home and spent months getting settled again, family drama ensued, shattered wrist and recovery…it was not the best year here at ChronicBabe HQ.

But we made it through, and as usual, we’re stronger for it. My wrist is almost totally healed, our house is rebuilt, I’m practicing what I preach when it comes to drama, and hubby Steve and I are committed to making 2009 an incredible year.

So how do ChronicBabes nurture hope for the future, when we cope with so many variables? For myself, three specific things are on my to-do list:

Step one: Surround yourself with success

A great way to cultivate a positive vibe is to surround yourself with others who are hopeful, too—their positive energy is infectious! I think you’ll feel inspired when you’re surrounded with other successful people, and by success I don’t just mean financial: I mean spiritually, emotionally, career-wise, family-focused…whatever you define as “successful.”

So my first to-do to ensure an awesome 2009: Surround myself with successful people. I will work ever harder to keep my friends and family close, nurturing those healthy relationships and giving them my best. In my career, I’ll build bonds with leaders in my field, and study the work of successful writers and educators. Spiritually, I’ll take more time to read about the teachers and practices that make me stronger. Health-wise, I’ll hang out with folks who eat salad more often than hamburgers.

Simple, right? Make time to be with the people you’d like to emulate. Learn from their successes and apply those practices to your own life. I think you’ll see a difference in your outlook…and your outcomes!

Step two: Make a simple promise

Promise yourself that this is the year you REALLY will follow through on those new year’s resolutions. Don’t make yourself crazy trying to change a million things, which is just a recipe for failure. Instead, pick ONE clear goal and make a plan. Stick with it! And find an accountability partner to keep you honest.

It sounds easy, but how many of us have made resolutions and dropped the ball? I definitely have. So this time I’m going to focus on the most important piece of my health puzzle: I promise myself that I’ll work out every single day in some way. The only exception will be big flare-up days, when working out would make me feel worse. AND I have an accountability partner who promises to set me straight if I don’t follow through.

Not as easy as step one, but still, fairly simple and straightforward: I promise to take good care of myself. Hard to find fault with that idea!

Step three: Have a little faith

It really does take a leap of faith, Babes. You need to believe you can do it—that you can have the best. year. ever.

Where will you find that faith? Maybe it’s in your religion. Maybe you’re simply spiritual and you find it in meditation. Maybe you see laughter and love in the eyes of a child and you’re inspired to be the best you can be for her. Perhaps you feel the power of your community, your support team, those folks who have faith in you—and you let that be your guide.

Find the faith, Babes. I know sometimes it’s hard, sometimes nearly impossible, to believe that things are going to be OK, let alone awesome. But I know from experience that even in your darkest times, there can be light. You just have to make the commitment to open your eyes to it.

And if it helps, I believe in you. I wouldn’t be doing this work if I didn’t think that each and every reader can truly be a ChronicBabe. I have faith in you, and the emails and texts and twitters you send me every day remind me of the awesome faith you have in me—and that’s an incredible gift. So the way I see it, as long as we keep doing that for each other, we can’t go wrong!

A final wish for you in 2009

I wish for you all what I wish for me and mine: to be AWAP (as well as possible); to be patient and compassionate, often; to find new ways to rebuild financial stability; to be open to new possibilities and ways of thinking; to enjoy simple pleasures; to create and achieve and laugh and love. My wish for me. My wish for you!

Much love and respect, Jenni
I found this artile helpful in putting things into perspective for the new year.  So here are my resolutions:

1-Read one book a month that will strengthen my walk with God.
2-Learn to pray continuously.
3-Organize my home so that I will be able to take care of myself better and spend more quality time with my family.

Oh, and, last but not least — Become a mommy 🙂

I hope that everyone has a fabulous New Year!

I love hearing from you!

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