Friday Words of Faith: Faithful

Today’s guest post is by Katie, a sweet and dear friend that I had the honor of meeting at church! She is a gifted writer and will be heading to China this summer! Be sure to check out her blog to keep up with her adventures!

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It was not going well. On Friday I was packing to move out of my college apartment for the final time.
Emotions were high and tensions tight. Mom wanted items packed this way, but I preferred to do them
that way. Dad wanted it all in the van, Mom wasn’t sure it was all going to fit, and I just wanted to be

After three solid hours of this frustration, I said I was leaving, I didn’t know where I was going or when I
would be back. I am twenty-one years old and I was running away from home.

A few hours and plenty of tears later, I was brave enough to return to my disaster of a room. My
parents had respected my independence and left for the night. Alone, I slowly began to back up my
belongings from four glorious years of college.

Except this time my mindset had changed. Instead of looking to complete the project or make it all fit in
our van, I began searching for reminders of God’s faithfulness.

I was amazed at what I found.

A roll of stamps purchased for support letters for my trip to China… letters that were never sent because
God is actively providing in other ways.

Mickey Mouse tennis balls, a tangible reminder of a new friendship He’s formed in my life for the last
two months.

Heaps upon heaps of schoolwork that tell me He did get me through those stressful weeks.

The wedding invitation that inaudibly speaks, “Yes, God does answer prayers. Dreams do come true!”

The encouraging notes from friends, the photographs, and the bizarre gifts… they are all reminders of
what God has done and is continuing to do.

Sometimes we all forget that God has been faithful. We get so caught up in the current “hopeless”
situation that it takes the gentle (or not so gentle) nudge from a friend who’s willing to say, “Are you
looking for Him in this?”

Right there in front of us are reminders of God’s faithfulness, His love, and goodness, but we’re blinded
by our own feelings of discouragement, abandonment, and hopelessness. Sometimes we have to ask
God to open our eyes to see His faithfulness, His goodness.

Even though it’s sometimes hard to see, He’s been there with us the whole time.


3 comments on “Friday Words of Faith: Faithful

  1. Maggie S. says:

    Thanks so much. This is a wonderful thought to start my morning.

  2. Suz B says:

    Beautiful post.

  3. HealingWell says:

    I loved your post, just beautiful.


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