Day 29: Sing Praise



Day29: Something you could not ever get tired of doing

I love to sing. Location does not matter. I sing at home. I sing at work (its a good thing I have an office to myself). I sing in the car. If you would ever pass me driving, I’d be the goofball singing and car dancing. Some of my most powerful worship experiences have occurred while driving. One more than one occasion I’ve had to pull over.


The one thing I can never grow tired of is singing praise to God. Even when its hard. Its in the times of darkness and frustration that my choice means the most. I can choose to turn away or I can choose to give Him honor despite my circumstances. I may not understand my circumstances and may not be able to provide an answer of why this has happened to me but I can trust in Him and His character and for me, that is worth singing for!

I love hearing from you!

  1. Love to sing as well! Another similarity Twin 🙂

  2. I also love to sing….by myself….or with a group….
    I sing specials at church, etc. Sometimes I sing for funerals or weddings.
    I find it hard to sing with the congregational singing since I’m playing the piano and trying to concentrate on that. Sometimes I do though.

    Love this song!!!!!

    • I used to sing regularly at church but lately the pain has made it difficult to commit to the praise band but hopefully one day that won’t be the case! I miss it so much!