A Somber Road Trip

This is my first-ever blog post from the car! Don’t worry, I’m not driving 🙂

We are on the road north to Virginia to be with my family. My grandma is still in the hospital after her stroke on Monday. The doctors have done everything they could medically. She cannot speak but does respond and recognize her family. She has lost strength on her right side but her left side is strong. Doctors have said that her recovery will be a marathon not a
sprint. The part we worry about is the blockage that caused her first stroke will likely cause a second one. It could be next week or next year. We just don’t know and that part is hard. My grandpa is having a really hard time. They have been married 55 years and he has cried to the doctors and nurses to take care of her as she was his angel and his baby.

If you have a spare moment this weekend, my family could definitely use some prayer for my family both healthwise and for safe travels as we are going to spend some time with grandma.

I love hearing from you!

  1. Oh no… I’m so very sorry. 🙁

    Please let me know if you’ll be anywhere in my area. My surgery is on Monday but I’d love to get to see you if you get out my way.

  2. Your stories are encouraging. I do ask a favor. Is there a contact email that I could have. My sister has a very similar story. Although she hasn’t yet been diagnosed with any chronic illness yet. Its been 12 years and all she’s been diagnosed for and treated was Endo (w/total hysterectomy). Please let us have your contact info so that she can correspond.
    thank you

    • So far so good! Its slow but we’ll take each day with her as a blessing! The doctors did not think she would have made it through the week but she has! She still doesn’t have much strength on her right side but she is starting to try to talk again! She is a fighter that’s for sure!