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I have had a resurgence of pain this last week.  Cramps, vaginal pain, lower back pain, leg pain…you name it, I’ve probably been facing it.  I feel the exact same as I did pre-hysterectomy and I am terrified.  I honestly do not know what the next step is.  I called my doctor and of course she is out of the office until Wednesday.  I knew that I wouldn’t be able to get in to see her but I was at least hoping that she would call in some painkillers to make traveling tomorrow a bit easier.  No dice.  Could my endo really be coming back?  If so, what on earth is the next step?  I am at a loss so I’m scouring the internet looking for articles concerning the resurgence of endo after a hyserectomy.  Of course, it may not be endo at all and may just be that scar tissue has formed and is causing the issue.  Lord knows my body is extremely skilled at producing the stuff considering the damage done between my surgery at the Center for Endometriosis Care and my hysterectomy (exactly 1 year apart).  I am truly at a loss.  I guess I will await my doctors call on Wednesday.

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