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Working With Chronic Illness: Meet EndoJourney

Time for my 3rd and final interview in my Working With Chronic Illness series! I hope that this series has been as beneficial to you as it has to me! I definitely feel less alone out there in the working world knowing I’ve got others going through similar circumstances!

I would like to introduce you to EndoJourney! You can find her blogging at Endometriosis: the Journey of a Woman Warrior or on twitter as @EndoJourney!

1-What are your illnesses? endometriosis
2-What kind of work do you do?  I run a nonprofit and I teach at a university.
3-Does your work match up to what you have a degree in (if applicable)?  Yes
4-Are you working because you want to or out of necessity?  Want to
5-How does your work affect your illness & overall health?  I get far less done since my surgery. I move more slowly, get more tired and am less efficient. Until my surgery I had to work my schedule around my period because the pain would take me out of commission for 3-5 days every time.
6-If you had the option, would you quit?  No I love it too much and it would kill me to know that my illness kept me for working.
7-What is the positive benefit of working with chronic illness?  I work more slowly and take on less so I can definitely tell my stress levels are very low.


8-What is the negative aspect of working with chronic illness?  It’s incredibly frustrating to never knowing what each day will be like and knowing that some days my illness takes over. I feel out of control and worry that I’m not doing my best. Being a perfectionist, that is very hard to accept.

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