chronic illness

"With" not "After"

I have had to change my blog description from saying “life after chronic illness” back to “life with chronic illness.” I guess I had this dream that my surgery would take away all of my pain and I would no longer deal with any pain. Both fibromyalgia and endometriosis would disappear and I would ride off into the sunset pain-free. Well, this week has proved that that will not be the case. My fibromyalgia has definitely flared this week. I’ve had migraines just about every day and joint pain has settled in majorly this morning. So as I changed the “after” to “with” I got to thinking. So many times when we say “after” it follows a period of waiting. And to be honest, I am tired of waiting. I am tired of waiting for a life without chronic illness or life after adoption. Believe me, there is nothing more than I want than for this adoption process to be short and sweet and us to have our baby. BUT I also want to live in the present and enjoy all that life has to offer now instead of later. I have added a picture to this post because that is how I want to feel. I am strong and I can do this! But I know that it is now my own strength that I am relying on! I can stand on the promise that I have a hope & a future through God’s provision and I am ready!

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