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Week #2 back at work

Holy cow am I exhausted! This week is not nearly as stressful but I have just been so worn out! Last night I was sound asleep before 9pm! I am such an old fart! Tonight probably won’t be much different as I can feel my eyelids getting heavier even as I type! I go see my rheumotologist in two weeks and hopefully he’ll have some wisdom to share. My frustration of the day was getting a letter from my short term disability policy letting me know that they were in the midst of decided whether or not they would cover my time out after surgery due to a pre-existing condition clause to the policy. It is amusing since that clause was never brought up in any benefits meetings nor was it an issue at my surgery last year. Also, no one in HR has heard of it either. Me thinks I smell a scam! I really hope this clears up soon as we could really use the cash! I haven’t gotten a full paycheck since May!! Oh the joys of adulthood!

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