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I went to my neurologist yesterday. I am pretty sure it was a waste of time. Niether the neuro or NP could figure it out. My neuro basically said that I collapsed because I didn’t feel well. After talking to both of them, they decided to try giving my Imitrex first to see if it would help. It took the NP 5 minutes to figure out how the shot worked & then to stick me with it. It only made my headache worse. So then the neuro wanted to stick a needle in the back of my head…MY HEAD…. to see if a nerve block would work. He wasn’t even sure it would work. So obviously John & I were not going for the nerve block! So the plan was to send me home after my appointment with drugs to knock me out & give me a really deep sleep (didn’t work out quite that way) and if my headache came back then he would set me up an appointment at the hospital to get drugs through an IV. So needless to say I can feel the headache coming back already so I guess I will be spending some time at the hospital sometime today. But I absolutely refuse to see this doctor again. He is a complete idiot and jerk. He knows that I had a hysterectomy….we talked about this in the office….so as I am leaving and he is handing me my prescriptions he asked, “You aren’t planning to get pregnant anytime soon are you?” I just looked at him and said “Obviously not since I just had a HYSTERECTOMY.” The nurse at the desk was just stunned. I wanted to punch the man in the face. A-hole.

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