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Two Months on Savella – Review

I have now been on Savella for just over two months.  I have to be honest.  I’m not thoroughly impressed.  I know that I am on the lowest dose and have the ability to increase the dosage but I guess I was just hoping for a lot more.  Savella really has taken away a lot of the deep muscle pain from fibro.  I can climb the stairs without feeling like my legs are on fire and I don’t feel like my back muscles are in knots.  So that is definitely a perk.  It just hasn’t done anything for my joint pain.  In fact it seems like my joint pain has gotten a lot worse.  Some can be expected as winter has rolled in.  This morning I could hardly walk.  Abby didn’t sleep well at all.  John was on call at the hospital so I was alone and she wouldn’t sleep unless she was touching me whether it be laying on me or next to me so needless to say, I didn’t sleep much.  That coupled with the cold temps and yucky rain made it difficult to get moving.  At my last rheumatologist appointment, I started Mobic in hopes to ease the joint pain but it just hasn’t cut it.  I have a feeling some blood work is in my future (I go back for a check up on Wednesday).  Maybe a dosage adjustment will help.   I will post results of appointment after my visit!

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