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Successful Craziness

This week has been absolutely wild at work but at the same time I count it successful as my pain levels have been way down! YIPPEE! I’m still really tired but I will take that over being in extreme pain AND tired. So it looks like we are making progress and I might be able to enjoy the holidays after all!

For those that are reading I do ask prayer for my boss’s daughter (she worked for me this summer). They spent last week in Spain and right before their flight home, she began having random bruises. By the time they returned home, she had them all over . They went straight to our local ER who ruled out anything she could have picked up in Europe and said that her blood platelets low. So they sent her straight to the Charlotte hospital. She was diagnosed with a disorder that causes her spleen to attack her platelets. The good thing was that they rules out leukemia (which we were all worried about) but this could still be very dangerous. She is undergoing treatment so hopefully things will work soon. She’s only 16 so please keep her in your prayers!

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