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Sharing a worry

As many of you know I had a total hysterectomy almost 2 years ago due to severe endo and I have worried about it coming back every since. Not necessarily just endo but scar tissue is well (I had massive scar tissue growth between my 3rd and 4th surgeries which were just a year apart).

Well, I am starting to have some really bad symptoms and I can’t help but worry about scar tissue issues or that the endo is returning. And what’s worse is that there is absolutely no way of knowing without doing another surgery (which would in turn lead to more scar issue). Before my hyst, we could get some idea of the degree of endo/scar tissue from doing an ultrasound to check the position of my uterus and ovaries but now we dont’ even have that as a guide. I just feel like I’m out of options. I feel like I gave up my chance of having biological children (what small chance there was) in hopes of relief but now it almost doesn’t seem like it was worth it. I put in a call to get an appointment with my doctor but I just feel helpless as I know there is nothing that we can do outside of medication to treat symptoms (not the issue itself) outside of surgery which would just perpetuate the cycle.

I am trying to focus on all of the positives in my life which I know there are plenty of (weight loss, finalization of adoption, graduation, etc) but its still weighing on my heart.  Which gives me all the more motivation to spread the word during Endometriosis Awareness Month.


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