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Yeah today is a 2 post day.  I’m trying really really REALLY hard not to get overwhelmed or depressed about the news I’ve received in the last two days.  I went for my follow-up with my GI doc yesterday and she is 99% certain that I have Celiac.  They did labs yesterday to confirm but she puts her stock in the biopsy results.  After the test results come back, she will schedule me to see a dietitian (which I am actually excited about) who will walk me through the Do’s & Don’ts of Celiac.  Of course, you know me, I am a researcher at heart so I have already started looking at options and spent forever on the Ingle’s website (our local grocery chain) going over their lists of gluten-free products so I could swing in a pick a couple things up on my way to work to keep in the office.  And wouldn’t you know, I could only find one or two things.  Seriously.  Rice Chex and Nestle Chocolate Milk.  I think I’m suppose to skip dairy too but I’ll wait to hear from the dietitian on that one 🙂  So I feel a little defeated.  I live in the sticks so its not like I can bounce over to Trader Joe’s of Whole Foods and have a selection.  I’ve got Ingle’s and Wal-mart (at least Ingle’s attempts to put tags on the items that are gluten-free).  So I ended up with Rice Chex for breakfast.  And wouldn’t you know that a vendor at work just HAD to bring Dunkin Donuts to our office.  Just had to.  And they are the good ones (you know with all the icing and yummy filling).  @!&%$^

To top off a wonderful start to the week, I had an appointment with my orthodontist today for a 2-month retainer check.  Should have been simple right?  Nah.  Not for me.  I have never had normal teeth.  I was missing 8 so we thought.  I was missing 4 front teeth (2 side teeth on top and 2 front teeth on bottom) so obviously braces were a must.  We also didn’t think I had any wisdom teeth.  They never ever showed up on xrays . . . until last year.  1 lone tooth showed up but it was way up there so my dentist didn’t think it would descend so he wasn’t worried.  Fast forward to the last couple week. Lo and behold, the tooth decided to descend (making for some wicked migraines) and has started to poke though.  My orthodontist sees it and sends me straight down to the oral surgeon (who just happens to be in the same building).  Yup.  You guessed it.  Surgery!  They have to cut that tooth out (not that I was surprised but still).  And the surgeon actually asked me if I wanted to be awake and just use Novican to numb me.  Bwahahahahaha!  Is that guy nuts?!  Drug me up please!  For starters, Novican and I really don’t get along.  My teeth (and mouth I guess) are really really sensitive and Novican didn’t even work for a routine filling (I brush regularly I promise!  Like everything else in my body my teeth are screwy and what my dentist calls “soft” so they came in with holes).  So it would take 3 or 4 shots to even get me close to being numb (I am so thinking of Bill Cosby’s The Dentist right now).  Plus who wants to be that alert when they are ripping out a tooth that hasn’t even fully come through yet?  Anyone with their hands raised out there?  Didn’t think so (if you did, you need some help!).

So if you can’t tell, I’m just a little frustrated with my current situation.  I know I can handle it and it will all be for the better (both the diet and having a tooth ripped out of my head) but I just feel like I can never catch a break!  Its always going to be something.  So I think its time to turn up some tunes and plan to try out some more of those relaxation techniques and plan a little me time!

I love hearing from you!

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