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Savella – Day 8

I have just started taking a full dosage of Savella (which I believe is 50mg twice a day). Currently no major side effects to report. I have not had anymore migraines or major headaches since last Tuesday. The withdrawal effects from coming off Effexor have gone away. Something I noticed taking my first full dose last night is that I will definitely have to take with with a meal or substantial snack. With the lower doses as long as I took it with something, even if it was just a cracker, I could keep the nausea at bay but not with a full dose.

As far as improvements go, I believe that it is still too early to tell. The temperature here dropped well below normal for this time of year and my joints definitely felt it. Especially when the wind was up. So I have definitely been very achy the last couple days. And to be completely honest (which is what I strive to do with this blog) I have felt far from being being joyous or living abundantly . Coming off Effexor has made a major change in my moods. I never would classify myself as clinically depressed or anything and prior to coming off of it, I probably wouldn’t have said that I needed it. But boy can I tell a difference. Dealing with chronic illness and chronic pain can be more that physically draining but emotionally as well. I think my Effexor, even with its low dose, provided just enough of support to keep me from being sucked in the emotional drain. Needless to say, I have not been a joy to be around. I am completely irritable and my patience is practically non-existent. I was thinking that I would just ride it out until my next follow-up appointment but I think for the sake of my family (and my job!) I’m going to put in a call today to see what anti-depressant I can safely take while on Savella.

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