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Rough night and not a good start for today either.

Yesterday evening after work I finally bit the bullet and had my flu shot. I have never ever gotten a flu shot but since becoming a mommy, my beautiful baby girl is worth being stuck. I’ve been lucky the past couple years to have been able to avoid the flu. Maybe its because I got it so often as a child. I swear every year the week before Christmas break I ended up with the flu and missed my class Christmas party. I also HATE needles. When I talked to my mom about not wanting to get the shot she said that she never wanted to hear me complain about shots or needles after getting tattoos. I tried to explain that there was a difference but unless you’ve gotten ink, its hard to explain. So anyways, I walked into my local Walgreens to get my flu shot and left with a nice sticker for being a good girl.

As soon as I got home, my Savella headache set in and soon became a full-on migraine. One of those migraines where the slightest hint of light or sound is enough to cause tears. I felt horrible and felt like I deserted John and Abby but I knew that going to bed was the only hope I had for getting the migraine to pass. I even passed up watching NCIS! That should be some kind of sign! I was in bed by 7pm and slept until 6:30am. My dose upped today as a part of the titration pack so I am hoping that I wouldn’t have a repeat episode tonight.

Also I think that I have uncovered a plot between pharmaceutical companies to keep patients taking their medications. If they make the withdrawal symptoms bad enough then people won’t stop taking it. I’ve put off coming off Effexor for sometime just because I can’t handle the withdrawal symptoms not necessarily because I feel like I need to be on it. But because Effexor and Savella work in similar ways I had to come off the Effexor so now I’ve got those symptoms too.

Its just not a good day. I am trying really REALLY hard not to cry 🙁

I love hearing from you!

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