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MRI Results & News

So I had my appointment this morning to go over MRI findings. Unfortunately there were no definitive answers so we didn’t get the big flashing lights we were hoping for (you know it would be so much easier if it all happened that way – like a big flashing arrow that pointed to exactly where the problem was). Good news is that there were no masses or tumors. Bad news is that there was some abnormality on the left side (which is my problem area) but it was hard to tell just what it was. There was nothing with the MRI by itself that screamed “Let’s do surgery” but once paired with my history, pain levels and my  hormonal response to the Clomid, we feel its the best decision to make. My doctor thinks that given all of the evidence the positive benefits of having surgery outweigh the risks.


So it looks like I’m having surgery #5 as early as next Friday (which is the date we are shooting for). It gives me time to recover and still be somewhat useful from home once the students return to campus. Since we are planning on this being a laparatomy (open-incision) surgery, I’m looking at a 6 week recovery which will put week 6 on our vacation week to Disney which of course had me worried. Since we’re flying instead of driving and staying on site, my doctor doesn’t think I’ll have any issues. I will need naps but as long as I don’t do anything crazy, I should still be able to have a good time.


I was thinking that I would have more time to prepare (both mentally & physically) and while I’m nervous, I’m hopeful that maybe this will allow me to regain part of my life back!


I am trying to line up some guest posts during the first week of my recovery & while I know it’s short notice, please let me know if you are interested! Posts don’t have to be specifically chronic illness related but can include topics like parenting (summer fun/adoption/toddlers/mom humor), faith, or even home life (easy recipes/organization tips/etc). If you are interested, please shoot me an email at anewkindofnormal AT gmail DOT com.


UPDATE: Surgery is officially scheduled for Friday August 12th!


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8 comments on “MRI Results & News

  1. trininista says:

    Wow. Best of luck with the surgery love.

  2. lissa - shrinking jeans says:

    best of luck, girl. will be thinking of you!!

  3. Jessica says:

    Well as much as surgery stinks…I think it’s your best option!

    Good luck!!!

  4. Lisa says:

    Don’t worry too much about Disney…they are so super accommodating! Get a wheelchair. On many rides you (and your entire party) will be taken in a special way…and usually get on immediately. Some rides you wait in line (accessible). Some rides they will give you a wheelchair fast pass to come back at a certain time (so you don’t jump ahead on a 3-hour waiting line).
    That way you can have fun before you need to nap. That’s what Disney wants-families to have fun-so seriously park your butt in a wheelchair-don’t get all “I don’t need one-I’ll survive”
    You don’t need anything from a doc-but if you have any worries, call ahead. I can’t remember how much it was for a wheelchair…$25? worth every single penny when you need it.

    My husband has back issues. We get one every time we go since he can’t stand in lines or walk the whole park.

    If you are going to Universal-their lines are accessible for wheelchairs. If it’s busy-consider the extra money for the “fast pass” )or whatever it is called. and ride the “big” rides first (mummy, harry potter, etc.)

    • Jamee says:

      A wheelchair is definitely a viable option! I’m not ashamed! Ok – maybe a little self-conscious – but I want to enjoy my time with my family so if that means renting wheels, I’m game! We’ll just be doing Disney (not Universal) this visit and since we are staying on the property we can come & go as needed. We are buying the 6 day passes (which are just a few dollars more than say a 4 day pass) so if one day all we do is 2 hours, its no big deal!

      • Missy says:

        You could ROCK a wheelchair! Get a flag with Mickey Mouse’s face on it. Or Jafar’s if you’re wanting to be intimidating.
        Wish you would have been given more conclusive answers from your MRI, but I will be praying for you and your surgery.

      • Lisa says:

        One more thought–I am not sure of this…but you need to check-
        we always get a manual wheelchair-and I push. The electric ones are scooters…and I see most of them left with strollers…so before you spend extra money on an electric one-make sure you can use the wheelchair lane with them. Sucks for whoever pushes (but truthfully, Disney is flat so it’s more of watching for stupid non looking people that sucks)
        Also, the electric ones are pricey.

  5. Heather says:

    We will be praying that everything goes well for you!


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