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New doctor update

I had my appointment yesterday with my new gastroenterologist yesterday.  It went fairly well considering it was the initial consult.  Of course blood work was done (this time it was to check liver and kidney function which I can’t say that I expected).  And (if you haven’t noticed in today’s Post-its) I’m signed up for a repeat colonoscopy and EGD.  Its been 4 1/2 years since my last one so I figured with the issues I’ve been having they would want a redo.  Sure enough, it’s next week.  April 15.  Tax Day.  Fabulous.  My arrival time is freakin’ 6 am.  SIX O’CLOCK IN THE MORNING.  With an hour drive, that means leaving our place at 5am.  Four short hours after taking the second dose of the miracle cleansing drug (yup, I have to get up at 1am to drink some more “juice”).  Hopefully the drive doesn’t go as bad as I am thinking it could.

As if I didn’t have enough going on, I have been plagued the last week or so with migraines.  I was halfway hoping that somehow it was linked with my gastro issues (is that even possible?) as I didn’t want to have to seek out a new neuro.  My initial neurologist was a douche (quoting “The Signs” – is douche a curse?).  So I saw a new neuro who was great but closed his practice.  I haven’t gotten around to finding a new one.  Rats.  Looks like I need to call my doc to get yet another referral.

When is enough enough?  Seriously?

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