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HAWMC Day 14 – My Perfect Day

In starting to write this post I wasn’t sure whether or not to describe my perfect day which would obviously not include any of my chronic illnesses or my perfect day with my illness still a part of my day as the two scenarios would be quite different. After some thought I decided I would plan my perfect day would include a great day with illness which would include minimal pain and no flares! The perfect day would have to take place at the beach right?

Here is how my perfect day would start:

  • Waking up around 9am and feeling refreshed. Morning stretch would feel lovely instead of the usual morning stiffness.
  • After waking up and changing, I would get a nice 2 mile run in before breakfast. A 2 mile run would be a good workout whereas trying to go further may cause a flare.
  • Breakfast would include gluten-free powdered donuts and a glass of chocolate milk (my perfect day doesn’t have to be completely healthy does it? lol)
  • After a nice hot shower, the rest of the morning would be spent playing out on the beach with Abby and John.
  • We would eat lunch on the balcony before heading out to do some shopping.
  • At the mall,  I would find amazing deals on clothes that were my size and made me feel fabulous.
  • Dinner would take place at Outback and my Victoria Filet steak would be cooked perfectly (the first time)  and would have to include their gluten-free dessert – Chocolate Thunder from Down Under.
  • After dinner while its still light out, we would enjoy a game of putt-putt before heading home.
  • We would spend the rest of the evening hanging out and watching a movie before bed.

How would you describe your perfect day?

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