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My Weekend Highlights!

My weekend officially kicked off on Friday as it was my last weekend before heading back to work (which strangely I am looking forward too – I am in pain at work and at home so I might as well be bringing home some bacon). And while chronic illness of course had to be a part of it, I tried to make it the best possible. So hear are the awesome highlights:

1- Abby’s Christmas party at school – now that Abby is in a toddler class, they invite parents to the class parties. Because of work I missed the Thanksgiving party so I was determined to make it to this one! And it was so cute! I loved watching Abby interact with her classmates. She looked so grown up carrying on “conversations” with her buddies. Her teachers are awesome and God bless them. I don’t know how they handle 12 toddlers all day. Toddler tantrums x 12. Toddler poops x 12. Yikes. It feels great to know she is in awesome hands where she is loved and is learning about God and all that other important stuff.

2 – My work Christmas party – I went to my work party on Friday as well – at first rather reluctantly. They were having BBQ from a local joint (which is REALLY good) but since they are local they don’t have a gluten-free menu so I couldn’t eat anything which was pure torture – especially when everyone at my table had these killer looking desserts. But it was nice to socialize and catch up. I had to answer a lot of questions of why I was out and why I wasn’t eating (and the occasional “you look sickly” comment) but it was worth it especially when I won an Outback GC as a door prize. Hello gluten-free deliciousness! Outback has a killer gluten-free menu!

3- New Shoes! – Maybe my post worked but I finally convinced the Hubs to get me some new shoes! I ended up deciding against the New Balance shoes I posted originally just because they were backordered forever (obviously I wasn’t the only one drooling over them!) so I went with the Reebok Zig Flow Toning Shoe. Its super cute and super comfortable! Plus thanks to Mamapedia I was able to get a $40 voucher to for $10 AND I earned 8% cashback of the total purchase price from Ebates!

Despite being UTTERLY sleep deprived, it was a great weekend and I cannot wait to celebrate this week!!!

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2 comments on “My Weekend Highlights!

  1. Brooke says:

    woot! for a new pair of shoes. i mean sure parties are excited but shoes are where its at! 😉

  2. Sue Jackson says:

    Wow, you managed a lot this weekend! Parties are few and far between for us these days.

    I remember those days of toddler/preschool parties – so fun!! One year, my younger son’s class made these Santa hats and beards – he loved wearing that and was so adorable in it!

    Glad you’re able to enjoy the holiday season –



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