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My Marsha Brady Moment

marsha bradyThis is seriously what I feel like. Marsha Brady.

This weekend I have really had issues with my joints, especially in my hands. I have had issues opening jars or taking the tops off of sippy cups (not fun when you have a toddler).

So yesterday afternoon – two hours before our scheduled family pictures – I went to let out the dogs in the backyard. Well, my hands would not cooperate and I could not get the door open. Finally I got frustrated and yanked really hard. The door opened. And smacked me right between the eyes. My nose was throbbing and my eyes immediately watered. IĀ hollered. The dogs got loose. It was fabulous.

It was then that we noticed that it had started raining so our pictures had to be rescheduled which made me happy considering I already had a knot coming up on my nose and was wondering if a black eye would follow.

Today thankfully its not THAT bad and there is no black eye. Just a really sore spot on my nose and a small bruise. One thing I never expected was to have my chronic illness turn me into Marsha.

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7 comments on “My Marsha Brady Moment

  1. Katie says:

    Oh, Jamee, I’m so sorry!

    One time my dad got banged in the forehead with a door and was gushing blood so badly he had to to the ER. It was actually his second ER trip that night but that’s a long story. Basically, the doctor was less than thrilled to see Dad again and sewed up his forehead without anesthetic. At least your day wasn’t that bad!


  2. Khara says:

    Oh no! I’m sorry! I hope you’re healed quickly. My dogs both got out today and wreaked havoc.

  3. bstark says:

    My daughter who has Ehlers Danlos often has uncooperative hands. Rather frustrating for you both. Perhaps the dogs need to be trained to open their own doors!! = ) Hope your soreness goes away quickly!!

    • Denise Rancour says:

      As a woman with FM, and now 55 I can say the hand thing is a big deal. You might consider trying things like apirin creams, or biofreeze gel. It won’t be a permanent fix, but for a little while you can say ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!

  4. christina says:

    Ok, at least I know I have not been the only one with stories like this one. Hope the pics turn out nice once you get to them.

  5. Nancy says:

    Oh that sucks! Glad it wasn’t that bad today and you’ll be looking beautiful for the next scheduled photo shoot. Following in the footsteps of the comment ahead of me, here’s my blog links…
    I also am a contributing writer for the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans


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