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More drugs please!

Ok, I would actually not prefer to add more drugs to the list but after my doctor’s appointment on Friday it seems that I will be adding at least one more.  As if my old lady pill box wasn’t full enough.  Despite my efforts, my cholesterol did come down at all since my last check in October (actually I think it may have went up a couple points).  So the Quaker Oat man lied and eating the maple-flavored cardboard–er, I mean High Fiber Oatmeal to Go–didn’t do a dang thing.  So I have added Crestor to the list.  Since starting on Friday night, I have had some side effects but hopefully those will go away soon.  I am happy to report that my triglycerides made a significant drop (from 313 to 189) thanks to adding niacin to my supplement list (so if anyone is looking to drop their triglycerides or know someone who does tell them to check out niacin!).  They are also rechecking my thyroid (as well as testing for antibodies) to see if the medicine I am currently on is working or if my dosage needs to be changed.  Oh and add vitamin D and potassium to the list too.  Hopefully I will find out those results today. 

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