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Last night with all my "girly" parts!

Ha! I know a great way to start a post, huh? Well, I came home from work with a migraine but luckily excedrin knocked it out pretty quick and I’ve been able to get things ready for in the morning. I’m nervous so I will probably pop an ambien here in a few to catch some sleep as I know 5am will come early! I’m off to take a shower, per doctors orders, and am going to try to rest before my parents get here and go to bed. Its really weird to think that tomorrow morning I am actually having a total hysterectomy. We scheduled this over two months ago and it seemed like it was forever away and now its less than 12 hours. Part of me is truly petrified. Another part of me is relieved. I’ll try to ask DH to post when I’m home from the hospital (should be Saturday morning, but Sunday morning at the latest) but that’s if my mind is any good! Narcotics can make things a bit fuzzy! Wish me luck!

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