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Last night was great

I was still feeling pretty crummy yesterday so when I got home from work, I put on jammies and curled up on the couch with two blankets and camped out for the rest of the night. DH made dinner. We watched part of the Kingdom of Heaven (very bloody movie–not quite dinner movie material). So we decided to turn off the tv. DH was working on stuff for class. I nested and kicked butt in Mah Jong. It was nice to just be together. Even though we weren’t doing anything remotely special, it still was. And then we had a couple people from our Sunday School class come over for our weekly CSI night. It was finally a new episode! So we watched CSI and chatted. So for me it was a very relaxing evening and something I needed. Unfortunately tonight I will be spending the evening reading for an exam 🙁 Boo! I wouldn’t mind except that the book is horrible. But c’est la vie!

5 Things I am Thankful For:

1) God allowing me to have another day
2) The comfort that I feel just being near DH
3) Friends that we can laugh with
4) All of the gentle reminders that God leaves to show me that He is still with me
5) Caffiene b/c as gloomy as it is, it is really hard to stay awake!

I love hearing from you!

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