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It’s here! It’s finally here!

I am making my WordPress debute!  Thanks to twenty70hosting for getting this thing up and going!  She was even able to alter my design to transfer from blogger to wordpress!  I am totally doing a happy dance at my desk!  Not only did I just figure out a major phone issue here on the job but I was able to log in and post!  YAY!!!!!

It is definitely a great way to end the day as the day didn’t start off so well at all!  Something I ate yesterday must have been majorly contaminated as I work up from a dead sleep at 1am in pain.  I swear I learned what labor pains feel like.  I seriously thought I would die!  So I found so meds that my former GI doctor (aka “all you need to do is eat yogurt” doctor) which helped me fall back asleep.  Then I had a dream that I must have had 2 uteri (plural for uterus?) so they only took one out during my hysterectomy so I was actually pregnant and about to give birth but then I realized that I didn’t have a cervix so how on earth would I deliver this baby?!  Yes, I truly blame the drugs.  Crazy messed up dream.  So I’ve been playing it safe food-wise today since there is still some lingering pain.  Coke has also been my friend today to help ease some of the nausea.

So hopefully I will be back to regularly scheduled posting next week as we are moving this weekend and internet access may be iffy (don’t get me started on the pending brawl with our cable/internet provider).

I hope you lovelies have a wonderful weekend!!!


I love hearing from you!

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