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I survived pre-op…barely

The nurse about killed me for the bloodwork. I know I’ve got really bad viens but please listen when I advise which arm to use! She didn’t and practically had to suck the blood out with a syringe since she didn’t get a good vien. I honestly thought I would pass out. Thank goodness for those smells salts! But other than that, it wasn’t too bad. I got the usual risk speeches about blood transfusions and chance for infections, etc. I was glad to find out that I will have a private room. Definitely don’t want to have doctors/nurses having to come in a check my incisions in my girly regions with a complete stranger sharing a room! So I’m definitely starting to get more nervous but I think as long as I get a good nurse who knows how to put in an IV I’ll be fine as far as the surgery itself goes. I may become a druggie though..the nurse said I would probably get one of those drug pumps 🙂 hahaha!

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