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HAWMC Day 9: Keep Calm

We have all seen the “Keep Calm & Carry On” posters if you have been on the internet any length of time. Actually you now can find a multitude of products that include the phrase “Keep Calm” and followed by something like “Eat Cupcakes,” “Blog On,” or “Go Shopping.” I just so happened to be fans of all three!

For today’s assignment we instructed to create our own Keep Calm poster. As I write this post, this is the first time being back online as my family and I had a mini-getaway and I decided to go completely unplugged. No phone. No text. No twitter. It was very refreshing and it inspired me to create this poster:

Keep Calm Custom Poster

And by “Get Away” I mean get out of the house and go somewhere. It doesn’t have to be anywhere far away or fancy. In fact, as a spoonie, I would recommend not going very far – just far enough to feel away from home but not far enough to spend your spoons traveling.

Right after church yesterday morning, we packed up for a mini-trip just the three of us. We had reserved a hotel about an hour away and we were looking forward to the king sized bed and indoor pool (which was disappointing because the water was freezing!). Last night we just hung out in the room after dinner and played, talked, and snuggled. Then a miracle happened – we all fell asleep at 9:30 and slept until 9am. Seriously that is a miracle in our family! We all needed sleep! After taking our time to get ready, we spent the rest of our morning and early afternoon strolling and doing a little bit of shopping before returning home.

Our trip was nothing fancy. Nothing too expensive or glamorous however it was exactly what we needed. The last couple weeks have been rough health-wise and had really impacted the time we have been able to spend together as I’ve had to spend more time in bed because of pain. So this day away was just what we needed. I highly recommend trying to plan a mini-trip into your calendar and your budget. Again, nothing needs to be expensive or fancy as the focus of the trip will be on relaxing as a family and I can guarantee you will come home thankful for the time together.

Have you ever taken a day trip just to get away?

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4 comments on “HAWMC Day 9: Keep Calm

  1. Wish we had the money to do this! Really could use some time away. glad yall got this chance!

    • Jamee says:

      I wish we could have afforded more than one day but I’ll take what we can get! Maybe start collecting change in a jar or putting back $1 every time you meet a goal (like avoiding soda, eating x amount of veggies, etc) After this weekend we’re definitely going to cut other expenses (like my soda habit) so we can do this more often!

  2. Kim says:

    I love this! I am so glad you guys got to get away and even better that you guys got all that rest!


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