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Feeling pretty defeated today.

I guess I am just having one of those days.  I haven’t slept well the last two nights so I know that plays a major role in it but I am just really down in a funk.  I feel like I am never going to get anywhere with this whole weight loss thing.  And of course to drown in my sorrows I am drinking a Dr. Pepper (someone please explain to me my own logic on that one).  It doesn’t even taste that good.  Which I guess should see as a bonus that drinking diet has paid off and the real thing doesn’t taste as good.  So I will put it in the fridge for another day (hopefully far far away).  Last night I was in SO much pain.  I had to pop an Ambien along with the regular nightly meds just to get comfortable enough to fall asleep (boy I sound like an addict don’t I?).  Every joint and muscle in my body hurt.  I even gave up watching the premier of 24!  John is frustrated because he doesn’t think the new medicine is working at all.  I think it works when I remember to take it regularly (which sometimes is a miracle thanks to fibro fog).  I am just tired of having no energy and feeling yucky.  I am 28 years old and I feel like I’m 80.  My CPE unit starts this week and I’m completely terrified and feel completely unprepared for any situation I may find myself in (I think I watched one too many episodes of Trauma: Life in the ER this weekend).  This post really had no point other than to vent my emotions in hopes to keep myself out of the ice cream pint this evening.  Instead I’m going to snuggle up with my husband and daughter and watch last night’s 24 (thank goodness for DVR!) to prepare for tonight’s episode!  I am reminded of one of the quotes on my motivation wall:  Life is a journey, not a destination.  Tomorrow is a new day right? 

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  1. Shannon says:

    I have had days like this too. Tomorrow IS a new day 🙂 Some of the things I try to cheer myself up is visiting silly sites like or to browse random sites in my interests. It distracts my mind!


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