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Two Weeks Until Christmas!

I cannot believe that Christmas is less than 2 weeks away! Does make anyone else both excited and nervous? I absolutely love this time of year but I feel like I’ve got so much to do!  We did manage to score a nice family picture on vacation!

 I apologize for the lack of chatter around these parts lately! The entire family is battling the hated crud and it has really taken its toll! I am beyond exhausted and would love to sleep for about three days! Abby’s pediatrician says that there is a cold virus spreading like wildfire in our area and its lasting for several weeks and the only thing to do  ride is to ride it out and let it run its course! That would be fine and dandy if you weren’t already battling illness, working full-time, and chasing a wildly hyper 3-year-old! She had the crud first but seemed to get over it much quicker than the rest of us so it has been a challenge! John and I are completely dragging as she is running in circles around us!

We have managed to get the house decorated after having to shop for a new tree! We broke tradition and did not have Christmas Vacation on when we pulled out the tree to decorate and only 1/4 of the lights worked! Thank goodness we made this discovery on Cyber Monday and I was able to score a deal on a replacement tree!

I am also proud that almost all of the shopping has been completed as well minus stockings! It just all sits unwrapped in the guest room patiently waiting to be beautified and placed under the tree. I have purchased all the wrapping supplies, however, so I get some points for that right?

The other big thing on my to-do list is baking! I love baking for the holidays and am really looking forward to getting started! I have a certain little girl in my house that has made a list of all the different kinds of cookies she wants us to make! My family has always made a big deal out of baking together since I was a child so I am looking forward to keeping the tradition alive with Abby! Some of the items on our baking list included gluten-free sugar cookies, M & M cookies, fudge, and peanut butter balls! YUM!

I am really hoping things can get back to some kind of normal soon so we all have the energy to enjoy the holiday festivities and I can have more time to write! I miss you guys terribly!

How prepared are you for the holidays? Is your to-do list as long as mine?


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2 comments on “Two Weeks Until Christmas!

  1. I’m excited and nervous about Christmas being so close. Even though I’ve been listening to Christmas music for a month, the weather makes it really hard to believe the calendar. But my house is as decorated as it’s going to be and I only have one gift left to buy (and then figure out how to get them on the plane home). Oh, and I just took some preventative medicine because I don’t want to get sick!

  2. Mamie says:

    The virus hit our house too. Husband and K got over it in 2 days, 4 days later I’m still sick. My immune system is wrecked because of treatments. Thankfully I’ve finished all my shopping. Just another day in the life of a spoonie,


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