2013 Blogging Goals – Check-in #2

I cannot believe that another month is over and it is time to check in with my blogging goals for the year again! I welcome March with open arms because it means Spring and warm weather is around the corner!

Here are the check-in details:

  1. Post at least 3 times a week. I’ve done pretty well with this! There was one week where I only posted twice but I’m very pleased with what I have done so far this year and really feel like I am moving in the right direction! The Blogging for Endometriosis campaign is keeping me pretty active and next month is the Health Activist Writer’s Month Challange with WeGo Health is coming up in April so I’ve got plenty on my plate in the near future!
  2. Read & COMMENT on at least 3 blogs a day. I love getting back into the community! I feel more connected when I not only read but be intentional in leaving comments! I have loved reading and commenting on all of the Blogging for Endo posts this week that have been linked up! I feel so much encouragement knowing that so many of the things I’m feeling recently in battling my illnesses is not completely crazy and that I have women who truly understand.
  3. Guest blog at least 3 times throughout the year. Keeping my eyes open for opportunities!
  4. Feature at least 3 new guest bloggers here at A New Kind of Normal this year. I’ve got two lined up in the next month! If you are interested at all in being a guest here at ANKON, please let me know!
  5. Organize & complete the 2nd annual Blogging for Endometriosis Awareness campaign. In progress!!!! You have to check out the amazing posts that have been linked up for Week 1 of Blogging for Endometriosis!
  6. Grow blog stats by 20%. Growth is happening! I feel so incredibly blessed and humbled by your support! 
  7. Attend Type A Conference in Atlanta in September! Anyone want to be my roomie? I’m promise I’m not a psycho! With the possibility of the big D (disability) I need to cut costs where possible!
  8. Follow through the book Mom Blog SEO by the awesome Kelby Carr! I’m finishing up Simple Blogging by Rachel Meeks (amazing, refreshing, and inspiring) and Mom Blog SEO is next on my list! Anyone want to walk through it with me and have group support?
  9. Have head shots taken! My lovely photographer BFF is currently recovering from surgery but we hope do to some family shots in April so I’m hoping to sneak in a couple shots! My pictures need to be updated to show off my pixie!

How are you doing with your 2013 goals so far?


(disclosure: goal #8 contains an affiliate link. completely love the book! just want to be completely honest!)

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5 comments on “2013 Blogging Goals – Check-in #2

  1. I’ve gotten so bad about not commenting on blogs I’m reading…
    Oh, and if you ever want to guest post at my little house, you’re welcome. 😉 My goal’s to have and host 12 guest posts this year… so far I’ve got two each and a few lined up.

  2. Wow! You’ve been going to town on your goals! Hey, have you been getting my emails? I haven’t heard back from you, and just wanted to make sure they’re not getting lost in cyberspace.

  3. Tori says:

    If you think we’re a good fit for one another’s blogs, I’d be happy to have you guest post at mine or to write something for here. (And maybe it’s worth letting Endo Awareness Month wind down before deciding. I know I’m doing a lot of blogging right now, and I imagine you’re just as busy!)

  4. joyce says:

    I would love to guest blog sometime! I have posted replies to some of your blogs today, so that might give you a sense of my story and writing. If this is a possibility let me know how to be in touch with you to discuss it!


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