5 comments on “Day 16: Love My Family

  1. C.C. @ I'm On My Way ~ my journey as a Christ follower, wife, mamma, and fibromyalgia fighter says:

    Such a sweet family!

  2. RachelAllison says:

    Cute! 🙂
    Hope you get better soon! I’ve been fighting a cold this week as well…. no fun. :/

  3. Shari@Rain into Rainbows says:

    Love it! What a sweet, sweet family….

    Hope you’re feeling better soon. :~)

    • Jamee says:

      Finally starting to feel a little better! Thanks for the positive wishes! I was never sure if I could be ok with having just one child but you know, I absolutely love our little family and if its meant to be just the three of us, I’m good with that!


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