Day 10: Gluten-Free Goodness



30 Day Blog Challenge Day 10: A photo of your favorite place to eat


In my pre-Celiac days it would be any Italian restaurant – hands down! I could eat on pasta and pizza until the cows come home! We have a local Italian place in my hometown called “Cucci’s” (family name I promise) and I just had to go every time I went to see my family. Sadly, now I think I would get contamination standing in the parking lot breathing in the yummy aroma of the cheesy, carb-loaded goodness.

These days, I stick more to chain restaurants as I have found they tend to be a little more aware of food allergies and Celiac disease and the server won’t look at me like I have four heads when I ask if gluten is in a particular item.

Lately, Fatz has been my restaurant of choice because they are very allergen-friendly. If you visit their website, you are able to download the menu allergen information which has become pretty standard for the restaurant industries as it seems food allergies are become a more common or at least are being talked about more.  If I know in advance I’m going to be eating out, I usually try to search the web looking for allergen information so I can be more prepared to order but one reason that Fatz has become my favorite is that they actually provide the information in their regular menu! No more browsing on my phone looking for what is safe to eat or asking for a special menu. Anything marked with a G is gluten-free! Pure heaven!

Where is your favorite place to eat? Do you prefer chain or local restaurants?

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4 comments on “Day 10: Gluten-Free Goodness

  1. C.C. @ I'm On My Way ~ my journey as a Christ follower, wife, mamma, and fibromyalgia fighter says:

    That’s awesome! None of the restaurants here in Carlsbad have that. 🙁

    • Jamee says:

      Do they have staff that is at least knowledgeable about the allergens in the food? I would hope that they would at least train the managers about common food allergies! Most places I still have to look online for allergen-free menus but this was a recent change at Fatz that I love!

  2. Shari@Rain into Rainbows says:

    I have a shellfish allergy & used to have a whole list of chain restaurants that offered allergen menus and/or info. I’ll have to see if I can find that for y’all.

  3. RachelAllison says:

    I’ve really developed a thing for Chipotle Mexican Grill. They have a lot of options for gf (which is great!) and their food is delicious! 🙂


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