11 in 2011: Best Organization Tricks

This is an area that I am REALLY trying to work on in 2011! My almost type-A and perfectionist personality make it difficult to function without organization! I get overwhelmed really easily if I feel surrounded by clutter. Since moving into our house in July, trying to get organized seems to be an ongoing project! So here are some tips that I am learning to live by:

A place for everything . . .

I love knowing that I have an assigned place for everything (not saying that I have completely reached this point in our house) but I like knowing that light bulbs go here, diapers are stored there, etc. Even if you have a spot, such as a basket, where things go until you have time to put them in the proper place. This rule definitely helps me keep my sanity in the playroom as I’ve got different bins for each different type of toy. For example, I’ve got one bin for her baby doll accessories, another for her cooking/kitchen toys, and another for puzzles so it makes it really easy when it comes clean up time to know where everything goes.


I love baskets! They make organizing super easy and you can find them to match any decor! I have them all over our house! Not only do they contain the clutter, but they also look great! IKEA is my favorite place to shop for baskets and bins because they have tons of choices at really good prices!

What are your favorite organization tips and tricks?

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One comment on “11 in 2011: Best Organization Tricks

  1. Organization is one of goals for 2011! It is somewhat hard to do when you live in a 427 sqaure foot apartment but, I manage. I love this picture from weheartit. Love it! By the way, I love the changes to your blog and I grabbed your “new” button. “Cheers” to 2011.


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