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As a part of the Blogging For Endometriosis Awareness Campaign, a way you can get hands-on to raise awareness and ask for more funding for research and treatments, take a few moments and write your representatives! We even have a template letter that you can use! You can find out who your representatives are, personalize the letter, and drop them in the mail! For the cost of a couple of stamps, you can help make major strides in the efforts to further endometriosis awareness.


Template of letter you can send to representatives:

(The Date)

The Honorable (Representatives Name)
Unites States House of Representatives/Senate
(The Representatives Address)
Dear (Representative/Senator Insert Name),

I am writing this letter to request your support for the following issue that is of great importance to me. I have lived in your district/state for ______ years and vote regularly in elections.

Endometriosis is a disease that has had an enormous effect on me. Endometriosis is a chronic condition with no cure; the most common occurring symptom is pelvic pain, usually occurring just before or during menstruation. Some women have this pain during intercourse, bowel movements, urination or pelvic exams. Other symptoms include infertility, or blood in the urine. Endometriosis affects 172 Million women worldwide during their reproductive years, however the exact number is not known because often times it goes untreated. Currently there is an average of 8 to 10 yrs here in America in getting a diagnosis. Endo is a mysterious disease in which the pain does not always equal the amount of endo found. Many Doctors are uneducated in the different ways in which endo can look, and most Doctors do not keep up on current research and so many myths from 20 yrs. Ago remain. These Myths only complicate treating the disease.

At this time the cause of endometriosis is unknown, there are no definitive diagnostic tools available to clinicians and that leaves many patients suffering for years before receiving a diagnosis or attempting surgery to relieve their symptoms, even then the disease returns after surgery in over 40% of all cases. These symptoms can dramatically affect a person’s quality of life, leading to a loss of mobility, a loss of relationships, and a sense of isolation, as well as the inability to continue to work or conceive a family.

With so much still unknown about this disease, increased research is vital to the understanding and eventual cure. Therefore, I would like to request your support in the following areas:

Encourage the National Institutes of Health to expand the endometriosis research portfolio.
Support funding for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to raise awareness about endometriosis and collaborate with community partners on getting the word out about this chronic condition.

I would greatly appreciate your consideration and support on the above items. They are extremely important to me. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.
(Your Name)
(Your Phone, Email, or Address)

Letter created by Elisabeth Oas


You can also look here to find a list of up to date Congress contact information as well as sample letters and templates so you can make sure your voice is heard!

I love hearing from you!

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