What a stinky Friday night

While everyone else is out cheering at the football game, I’m home 🙁 My new physical therapist has found a major source of my pain. She said that my abdomen is slap full of scar tissue. She said she could only think of 2 or 3 other patients she has ever seen with as much scar tissue as I have. Thank you endo for the lovely parting gifts! So in effort to break up the tissue, she spent half an hour proding my stomach and as a result I am extremely sore. So I’m off to bed after my lovely percacet/benadryl cocktail but I did want to share some good news! Our first agency info packet should be arriving Monday! Yippee! And John & I have got a plan for saving for this adoption! This is really happening! We are going to be parents!!!

I love hearing from you!

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