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After being on the same mission for the last 2.5 years, our course has now officially changed. And after late May, it will be impossible to turn back. That will be because in late May, I will be having a total hysterectomy and bilateral oophorectomy (removal of both ovaries). It was not an easy decision. John and I talked with my doctor about it for an hour this morning. We went over all other possibilities and all possible side effects of the surgery. Basically, anything else we would be doing would be delaying the inevitable and attempting to make me comfortable until I was ready. Seeing as obviously my uterus does not want to carry a baby, I’m not sure what else it is good for. We choose late May for several reasons, a) to get me out of school for the semester, b) to enjoy vacation in Florida, c) to enjoy our anniversary w/o surgery for once, and d) in case I freak and change my mind (or I suddenly start feeling better and want to postpone). Right now I feel really comfortable in our decision but I know that I will begin to get more nervous the closer the time comes. But I am COMPLETELY confident in Dr. H and I know that she would not lead me astray. She even said herself that if she was not completely certain that this would make me feel better than she would not agree or sign off on it. So now my short term goals are to get in shape for both vacation and surgery since the fitter you are, the easier your recovery is. I would also like to look killer in a bikini before I add to my belly scars 🙂 So now with many questions answered, we can focus on the target of our Operation: Parenthood mission: adoption. Stay tuned as the mission continues….

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