2nd seminiar on the schedule!

We found an agency that we are super interested in as they have a strong Korea program and today we signed up for our next seminar on May 22nd! What a great anniversary gift! Our 3 year anniversay is on the 21st so maybe we will make an evening out of it and have a nice dinner in Charlotte while we are there! But I am so excited! I have been emailing back and forth with the intake coordinator all day and she has been so helpful and friendly! I just have this pure joy in my soul that I cannot even begin to describe! What made the afternoon better is that I had John swing by my office on his way home so that I could give him the tshirt I ordered and he teared up when he opened the box. Just the reaction I hoped for! He was so excited to know that hopefully next year our little one will be “daddy’s groupie” Thank you God for open doors!

I love hearing from you!

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