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Wrapping up Blogging for Endometriosis 2013!

It is the final day of March and another round of Blogging for Endometriosis Awareness draws to a close! I have felt so amazingly honored to have worked alongside of so many amazing women and read your stories and shared our experiences. I continue to be so thankful to God for allowing so many incredible women to come into my life through this campaign and blogging in general. I would never, ever wish this disease on anyone but I am so thankful that God can give purpose to my pain and allow me to share my story and hopefully offer some encouragement and support to others who are suffering just as I have received so much encouragement and support! So thank you all from the very bottom of my heart!

Thanks again to all of you who have participated and a huge thank you to all of our amazing sponsors! Please be sure to stop by their websites and let them know how much we appreciate them for taking a stand for endometriosis awareness!

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Old School Blogging

I am excited to be linking up with The Miss Elaine-ous Life & ThetaMom for another round of Old School Blogging! Sometimes its fun to do a throw-back survey and enjoy getting to know others in the blogging community! I love these things! A new Old School Blogging meme will go live every month! Be sure to check out the link-up and follow the hashtag #OSBlog!

Onto March’s questions:

 What were you doing 10 years ago?

At this time 1o years ago, I was preparing like mad for my senior recital! I was a music education major in college and my primary instrument was the horn! I know, I know. The absolute geekiest instrument on the face of the planet! I enjoyed it though as well as taking voice lessons, singing in the choir, and praying to pass my piano proficiency so I could complete my student teaching!


What 5 Things Are On Your To-Do List:

Purchase tile for our bathroom floor

Shop for new cell phone

Take photos & list clothes on Poshmark

Survive my last week of work

Complete all the paperwork associated with the previous item


What Are 5 Snacks You Enjoy?

String cheese

Sugar-free pudding

Jelly Beans

Apple slices



Name some things you would do if you were a millionaire:

Donate to our church & favorite charities

Purchase a newer car (we are rocking a ’95 and a ’03)

Completely gut our kitchen

I’m sure I would fill out my closet a little bit

Disney, Disney, and more Disney


Some places you have lived:

Rome, NY (born there)

Charleston, SC

A small town in Virginia and then

an even smaller town in North Carolina


Name some bad habits you have:

Destroying my nails when I’m anxious

Becoming completely overwhelmed by little things when I flare

Two words – Road Rage.


Name some jobs you have had:

I totally rocked the Wendy’s uniform after high school

I have worked at both a department store and overstock bookstore

I have also worked at a ropes course and as a children’s minister


How would you answer these questions?

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Blogging for Endometriosis: Favorite Tips (Week 4 Link-Up)

Can you seriously believe that it is Week 4 of this year’s Blogging for Endometriosis Awareness campaign?! Its our last full week of festivities and I am so incredibly thankful for each and every one of you that has taken part!

This week’s topic is to share your favorite things/tips/coping tools  that have helped you stay encouraged in spite of illness (suggestions: endo survival kit, advice for newly diagnosed, top 10 most annoying things you can say to someone with endo, etc).

Since A New Kind of Normal has been around a little while (celebrating SIX years this July!), I want to share some of my favorite posts that I have written for the Fight Like a Girl Club about life with endometriosis that will hopefully encourage you wherever you are in your journey:

  1. When the Doctor Says Its Endometriosis
  2. Taming the Endo Monster
  3. The Unspoken Side Effect of Endometriosis
  4. Preparing for Surgery
  5. When a Hysterectomy Isn’t a Cure


Hopefully these posts encourage your hearts reading them as much as they did my heart writing them!

What are your favorite tips/tricks/advice for others living with endometriosis?

Please link up your posts for Week 4 of Blogging for Endometriosis using the linky below! After linking up please visit at least the to links in front of you to help spread the love and support!