WIWW: Blog Conference Edition

I haven't linked up for What I Wore Wednesday with The Pleated Poppy since my surgery and I have noticed that I just wasn't putting nearly the effort into putting my outfits together. I've been feeling blah since my surgery so I've allowed my wardrobe to resort back to blah and I don't like … Continue reading

BBC Tide-to-Go Giveaway!! *Closed*

As you know this past weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to attend Bloggy Bootcamp which was hosted by the SITS Girls! It was absolutely amazing! My brain is overflowing with knowledge given by the wonderful presenters! I am still trying to process it all! All I can say is that I can see … Continue reading

5 Reasons Why Celiac Stinks

I've been a "Celiac" for almost 18 months know and while it seems that I've gotten a pretty good hang of the whole gluten-free scene, this week has not been a good celiac week. Its like I've reverted back 2 years. Ok - I take that back. I haven't reverted back. I am still doing all I know to do to … Continue reading