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Wednesday Weigh-in: Shrinking into Summer #3

I run with the SisterhoodCan I just say that I am loving this challenge at the Sisterhood?  For whatever reason, things seem to be clicking more these days (maybe the anxiety meds are working!).  I will admit I haven’t kept up with the mini-challenges (I know…shame on me).  But I have been working really hard at trying to be active and drink more water!  And it shows!  Today’s weigh-in:


So I am down another pound!  So excited!  So I’m only 3 pounds away from my goal for this challenge which still has 5 weeks left!  *High fives all round* I dropped off some new skinny-me pants at the dry cleaners on my lunch break to get hemmed!  I know I’ve still got some pounds to drop before I reach my goal but I am feeling so good!  I will admit I am ready to lose more of the belly pudge!  Abby is in the stage where she wants to know what body parts are (which has taken some creativity….last night she wanted to know what my tattoo and my *ahem* lady parts were….fun times).  Anyways, she knows how to find her belly button so when I ask her to find mommy’s she has to search.  Yuck.  Soon enough she won’t have to darnit!  I hate belly pudge!  So I have started both the 100 Pushup Challenge and the 200 Situp Challenge!  I’ve decided that I’m going to be one hot mama by the time we take Abby to Disney for her birthday (April 2011 – yeah, I like to think ahead).  So here are my stats:

Here are my stats:
Starting weight: 164.4
Challenge starting weight: 146.6
Challenge Goal Weight: 140.0

Last week’s weigh-in: 144.0
Today’s weigh-in: 143
Change: -1

Challenge Change: -3.6

Overall Change: -21.4

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Finding My Style - Chronic Style

I think in the last several years I have made great strides at discovering who I am and how it relates to chronic illness, infertility, and now motherhood.  Sometimes I still wonder if I’m doing the right thing or instead wandering aimlessly but I highly doubt those feelings will ever fade completely.  However, I am very very lost in regards to who I am style-wise.  I see these young, hip, and fashionable moms and I think “I so wish I had it together like that!”  I attempt to stay somewhat current on trends.  I visit people.com often and check out Style Watch.  I love watching What Not to Wear (and would LOVE the chance to get on the show – hint hint – if anyone would like to nominate me!  ha!).  But I just can’t put in into practice.  Regardless of what Stacy and Clinton says, comfort is important and sometimes with chronic illness, it wins out over style (of course in a perfect universe the two worlds would collide – at an affordable price tag!)

I have tried different phases.  Like the rocker phase (hence the blog design).  I’ve done the black hair, dark clothes, and black nails (which I may never give up BTW – I PPH dark nail polish).  I really wish I could pull off but I’m not sure I can.  Sure I love rocking my face off to Skillet and Red and have a girl crush on Abby Scuito but I’m not sure that its really “me.”  Because at the same time, I can’t let go of my country roots and love being outdoors barefoot and in jeans.  So I’m not really sure if its possible to mix the two or not.  So instead I stick to what I know and what’s comfortable.  Lately, this is my go-to uniform:

Basic Comfort

And maybe this is the “real me” and I can just rock my Keens like another hip mom rocks her stilettos.

So I promise the point of this post was not to ramble but instead maybe have some help to seek out my personal style.  I am totally ok with being a jeans and tshirt kind  of girl but want to learn to accessorize to bring some personality as well.  Any tips?
weight loss

Wednesday Weigh-in

I run with the SisterhoodIt’s that time of the week again over at the Sisterhood to hop on the scale!  Today’s results are just “eh.”  I had a loss but only .4 lbs which brings me down to 144.  I know that if I can just kick this soda thing it will help so much but holy cow I just can’t seem to do it!  I feel like its become my security blanket as there are times where I feel like I have lost so much  (favorite food-wise) that its the one thing that I love that I can still have.  Pretty poor logic huh? Especially when I factor in how much more my body will benefit from drinking water.  So its just another battle.

I went running for the first time on Monday in I don’t know how long.  I’m still sore (I think I strained my left hip)!  I’m going to try to stick to long, brisk walks for a week or two then try to get back to the C25K.  Plus with Hubs going out of town next week, I won’t be able to run in the mornings anyways so I will try to do some light exercise in the am while Abby sleeps and also go for a long walk with her in the evenings with a pit stop at the playground -which we both benefit from! 

I also have set up an appointment to see my doctor about my anxiety.  I couldn’t get in to see here until the 29th but I made a call this morning to see if I could get in earlier so I will see the NP today and then follow up with my doctor on the 29th.  Its just not fair to my family and those around me to just let it go any longer.  This last week it has been really bad and my fuse seriously is like 1 nanometer long.  I just get so overwhelmed and either cry, lash out, or wan to hide in a dark hole  somewhere and it has seriously sucked all of the energy and vitality out of me.  I’m ready to be ME again (there will be a post coming regarding this).

Here are my stats:
Starting weight: 164.4
Challenge starting weight: 146.6
Challenge Goal Weight: 140.0

Last week’s weigh-in: 144.4
Today’s weigh-in: 144.0
Change: -.4

Challenge Change: -2.6

Overall Change: -20.4