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Wednesday Weigh-in: Shrink Into Summer #5

Its that time again at the Sisterhood!  I wasn’t the least bit hesitant to hop on the scales this morning!  That’s always a good feeling!  Today’s numbers:  139.8!  So I lost 2.4lbs this week!  I broke another decade!  And I’ve surpassed my goal for the Shrink into Summer Challenge!  Woo-hoo!  I still have 3 weeks before the challenge ends and I’m hoping I can get to 135!  That would be AWESOME!  As of today I’m only 14.8 lbs away from my goal weight!  Yay!!!!

I also completed Week 2 Day 2 of Couch to 5K and it felt soooo good!  I tried running in the evening on Monday and I thought I would die so I decided to stick to early morning runs.  The weather was perfect this morning at 6am!  Now I just need some caffeine and this morning will be off to a great start!

Here are my stats:
Starting weight: 164.4
Challenge starting weight: 146.6
Challenge Goal Weight: 140.0

Last week’s weigh-in: 142.2
Today’s weigh-in: 139.8
Change: -2.4

Challenge Change: -6.8
Overall Change: -24.6

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To Be Heard

It is such a great feeling knowing you are being heard, especially while sitting in a doctor’s office.  Over the course of last seven years, I have definitely had my share of Patch Adams moments where I am sitting in front of a doctor sharing my pain and I might as well have been talking to a brick wall about going to Uranus on a pogo-stick.  But not today.

As soon as my doctor came into my room this morning, I began spilling my guts and she not only listened to me but heard me.  I shared my anxieties related to Celiac and the fear of the unknown (such as if there another diagnosis around the corner?  How do I know the haven’t missed something big like Cancer?).  She never once stopped me or told me I was nuts to being afraid.  Instead she validated my feelings first before offering her professional opinion (with a hefty dose of support and encouragement).  We are going to keep trying the anxiety meds at night for now but she suggested going back to see a counselor.  I saw a professional counselor in the midst of our infertility, IVF, adoption, and hysterectomy crisis and it helped greatly so I didn’t object but rather welcomed the referral.  I will admit however that there is a small part of me that as a trained pastoral counselor that I shouldn’t have to see someone since I have a degree but to be honest, I think because I have a degree  that I understand the importance of seeing a professional.  This time, however, I will be seeing a psychiatrist versus a counselor.  So I am waiting on a referral to get an appointment.

In other medical news, my doctor was actually relieved by my Celiac diagnosis as both she and I had suspected GI issues beyond IBS for quite sometime (like 5 years).  She also took some blood work to check some different vitamin and platelet levels for the massive amounts of bruises that keep popping up (last night’s count was 35) as well as CPK levels to make sure my Crestor isn’t doing muscle damage.  Regardless, I am stopping Crestor to see if its adding to muscle pain (which is more common with Crestor than it actually causing damage) and since I’ve improved my diet and physical activity, she doesn’t think I need it anymore anyways.  So hip-hip-hooray for getting rid of one medication!  One last pill to swallow every morning! I have a follow-up in 4 weeks to get the results and also to have an ultrasound done to be sure there aren’t any scar tissues issues affecting my lower abdominal pain.

After “donating’ 6 or 7 vials of blood, I haven’t felt that great today.  I spent my lunch hour in bed trying to fight off a migraine and keep stomach cramps at bay and so far it has been successful in keeping me functioning the rest of the day.  So hopefully today’s appointment is a step in the right direction and get me on the path to good health!  I definitely feel more encouraged to endure and press on as I know there is more to life than just my illness!

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Can I just be honest?

I’ve got a doctor’s appointment (a follow-up) and I’m nervous.  A couple weeks ago I went in to see the NP regarding my anxiety issues so this is just a follow-up with my primary doctor to check in and see how things are going.  I just feel like at any moment the other shoe is going to drop and I’m going to get even more bad news.  I’m dropping weight pretty quickly the last couple of weeks (and I’m complaining why?? My new skinnier-me pants I just bought are already loose!  I’m not sharing the number on the scale to keep you in suspense for Wednesday’s weigh-in!) but I know that I haven’t stuck to my diet serious enough to be seeing this kind of loss (which I guess I will bring up with my other doctor next week when I go in).  My mom just had some blood tests come back showing that her Crestor was doing some muscle damage and I am on over double the dosage that she is and have been taking it 4 times as long and have never been checked so I’m scared to ask for the blood work.  I haven’t slept the past two nights so I’m a walking zombie.  Last night I kept having adoption-related nightmares and kept waking up in cold sweats which led to waking up in pain when my alarm went off.  But does anyone else ever walk around with this fear of the worst being around the corner?  Obviously it wouldn’t fall into the typical “normal” category and I understand that but chronic illness-wise, am I alone in this?

Also – it’s time to change my hair color and I’m out of fresh ideas – what should I do?  Something perky 🙂