chronic illness

Appointment Update

I went in to see my doctor this morning and feel more relieved to know that she doesn’t think I’m nuts and is purusing other options for the cause of my pain.  They are running a battary of blood tests to check for additional issues, such as thyroid issues or vitamin deficancies.  She also told me that my cholesterol was high (yet again) but my bad cholestrol was down, just that my triglycerides were up.  So I will be going on a high fiber diet and also adding niacin and omega-3 suppliments to my rx cocktails at night.  One positive was that my blood sugar was good.  She thinks that some of my pain and cramping may be from intestinal issues so hopefully with some help from Miralax, those will go away soon.  I go back in 3 weeks to go over bloodwork so hopefully I will get some answers then.

chronic illness

Something just isn’t right

I can’t completely put my finger on it but I know that there is something that just isn’t right with my body. The last week or so I have had a lot of issues with my vision, esp with driving at night, and of course my vision insurance doesn’t roll over until late November so unless I pay out of pocket (which I am really thinking about!) I have to wait around until then. My joints and bones have ached so bad. I don’t know how to explain it other than my bones feel like they are going to explode they hurt so bad. I woke up early this morning (I think it was around 5am or so) and I could hardly move my feet as my ankles were so stiff. I honestly wondered if they would snap when I stood up. It was so incredibly painful. And of course as the day has gone by, then pain has gotten increasingly worse. I really have some school work to do tonight but I am not sure how much I will be able to focus. My stomach is queasy so I’m not sure what kind of food I will be able to stomach. I keep getting these weird, almost disorienting, feeling and weird feelings in my chest. I’m waiting on a call to see if I can get into the doctor’s office before next Wednesday. I honestly do not know what else to do.


Weekend News

We had our first homestudy meeting in CLT yesterday and it went great! It was a lot longer than I expected but it was so completely helpful! The crazy part is that our homestudy will be complete by the end of the month! I have my individual interview on the 10th. John has his on the 17th. And our home visit is the 23rd! I thought that it would take so much longer! So we are very excited with a side of overwhelmed!

On another front, I am so completely and utterly done with grad school! Words cannot express how over getting this degree I have become! Midterms are coming up and of course all 3 are on the same day! Freakin’ wonderful. And of course, none of these professors believe in study guides so I’ll have to wing it I guess. Between study sessions, I have been makin’ it like Cinderella scrubbing floors. I did a very thorough scrub down and clean out of the bathroom and I must say it’s squeaky clean! Hopefully after midterms, we can clean out our two storage closets and get the carpets cleaned this weekend. Oh the joys of adult life!

Still in other news, I have been completely accident prone this week. The first incident was not of my stupidity but that of my boss. We are checking some things out in the warehouse and I am standing at the base of the rolling ladder while he’s up on one of the storage platforms. The next thing I knew I had a cardboard box flying at my head! I just so happen to have been tucking my hair behind my ear so my wrist deflected some of the blow instead of my head taking the full brunt of the box. He felt so bad! And of course I was laughing b/c I wasn’t sure what else to do! It is pretty funny thinking about it now but at the time it wasn’t! So incident #2 was partly my stupidity. I was in another one of our storage facilities at work and was trying to do some inventory so I climbed over one stack of chairs to get to another area of furniture and the stack of chairs shifted causing me to lose my balance and achieve a lovely baseball size bruise on the inside of my left knee. Perfect.

So after all of this week’s excitement, I’m going to treat myself to a bowl of ice cream before I unfortunately have to get back to studying!