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You know you’ve got a chronic illness when….

You get excited over prescription med savings. So I finally took the advice of a coworker and signed up to have my medications delivered via mail so I can get a 3 month supply for the same copay as a 1 month supply. So here’s where I got excited (excited enough that I would have hugged the lady through the phone had I been able); by doing this I will save close to $200 over 3 months time!! Holy cow!! For example, one of my prescriptions, for one month I pay $45 a the pharmacy but through mail order I will get a 3 month supply for $25! Woo-hoo! I am almost embarrased by how much this excites me! I guess sometimes its the little things in life 🙂

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Another Year Older

Another year wiser–I’m not too sure about.  But now that I’m three years away from turning…*gulp* 30, there are several things that I have thought about concerning where I thought I would be at the ripe old age of 27.

For starters I never thought that:

  • Three years after starting to TTC that we would still be childless.  I thought we would be on #2 by now.
  • Even after multiple surgeries, I would still end up with a total hysterectomy.
  • Even with a panel of doctors, they would still not be able to find a way to control my pain levels and I would have to make difficult choices regarding medications, nutrition, and rest. 

But on the other hand, I never thought that :

  • I would have such an amazing husband who stands by me through thick and thin and supports me through everything and who I grow to love more and more each day.
  • That we would be able to see the heart of God every step of the way through the adoption process.
  • That I would come to “meet” the most amazing and encouraging group of women through such adversities as infertility and chronic illness.
  • That through my sickness God would open doors to share my faith and that in facing all of the hurdles that come along, He would provide the strength to overcome and draw me closer to His side.
  • That I could love my child that I have never even met (and who may not even be conceived yet) so much that I would give my life for that child.
chronic illness

Help Stamp Out Endometriosis!

International Endometriosis Research Center Launches “Stamp out Endo” Campaign

Each year, the United States Postal Service receives thousands of letters proposing stamp subjects from the American public. Many of the subjects ultimately chosen to appear on U.S. stamps and postal stationery are
the result of these suggestions. Ranging from breast cancer to childhood health concerns, many critical awareness issues have been highlighted by the USPS over the years.

Sadly, Endometriosis has not been one of them.

The ERC strongly believes that an incurable and painful disease affecting up to 10 million American women and girls – and another 70 million worldwide – deserves to be highlighted, and we ask for your timely support in helping to facilitate this mission.

Stamp proposals can take up to 3 years for consideration by the USPS Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee. We believe, however, that the time is NOW to “STAMP OUT ENDO,” and invite anyone who has – or cares for someone who suffers from – Endometriosis to add your name to this Petition today, so
that we may submit the multitude of signatures to the Committee for their timely consideration of this crucial campaign. The disease afflicts 1 in every 5 women and girls. That means; either you suffer from it yourself –
or someone you love does.

Please join us in bringing widespread awareness to this insidious illness that alters the lives of all those affected by it. Click the link below to visit the Petition page now, learn the facts about Endometriosis, and
lend your signature in support.

Pass it on.

On behalf of the 80+ million women and girls suffering from Endometriosis,

we thank you.

The International Endometriosis Research Center
A 501(c)3 tax-exempt, tax-deductible foundation
World Headquarters: 630 Ibis Drive / Delray Beach, FL 33444

Sign the Petition today and pass the link on!