chronic illness

Today has been a great day!

John & I got to have lunch with my long-lost roomie Robyn, her husband Mike, and their new baby! We haven’t seen them since our wedding (3 years ago0 and we so excited to find out they were in town this weekend! It was so refreshing! I just love friends that you may go months (or years) without seeing them in person but when you do its like you were never separated. I triple puffy heart them so much and wish they weren’t in Kentucky while we are here!

And we also made a big adoption decision………we have decided to pursue domestic adoption for baby #1 as we are running into alot of roadblocks with international adoption due to age, marriage length & health concerns. So we are hoping that when we are ready for #2 (if we are so fortunate) that we will go back to IA. Last night during our prayer time at church I was pouring my frustrations out about all of the roadblocks and emotions and it was like God reached out and gently reminded that there are no roadblocks for Him and that He had our baby picked out especially for us. I just feel so re-energized. I was feeling so defeated this weekend & ready to throw in the towel but now I’m back on the wagon and ready to get this started! We will be submitting our preliminary application this week! Eek!


Mixed Feelings

Part of me is excited today because we were given some great baby items to keep on hand until our baby arrives! Another part of me is frustrated because it seems that we are hitting dead ends looking for international programs. Its either we’re not old enough, haven’t been married long enough, or health issues are in the way. John being type 1 diabetic and me being on anti-depressants for fibromyalgia (rheumtotologists automatically put you on them with a fibro diagnosis) really hurts us. So we’re beginning to look in other directions. I know confidently that God has a plan. I just know that I need to do a better job of listening and a much better job of being a prayer warrior for this adoption and our baby. The roller coaster of emotions is just too much! And we are just getting started!

chronic illness

So tired!

I’m not sure what has happened but I have totally reverted and am so extremely exhausted! I spent most of the day yesterday and today in bed. But I guess I’m healing so I guess it is normal. On the adoption front, plans for our fundraiser are going great! We have been overwhelmed by the generosity of people around us and really hope that this is a success! We had a gentleman at church yesterday approach us and tell us that he had 80 BOXES of housewares and different things that he wanted to donate! EIGHTY BOXES! So if anyone knows any avid yard-salers send them our way on July 5!