2nd seminiar on the schedule!

We found an agency that we are super interested in as they have a strong Korea program and today we signed up for our next seminar on May 22nd! What a great anniversary gift! Our 3 year anniversay is on the 21st so maybe we will make an evening out of it and have a nice dinner in Charlotte while … Continue reading

Beautiful Ceremony

We had a beautiful service last night in church. It was called the "Ceremony of Hope" and was a special service to raise money for Relay for Life. Several people performed special music and members who are cancer survivors shared their testimonies. It was so amazing. I'll be honest that one of … Continue reading


Closer by Charlie Hall Verse: Beautiful are the words spoken to me Beautiful is the one who is speaking Chorus: Come in close, come in close and speak Come in close, come closer to me Bridge: The power of Your words are filled with grace and mercy Let them fall on my ears and break my stony … Continue reading

Wishful Thinking

So I've just spent the last hour browsing Target.com for baby things. I'm going to be in so much trouble! Everything is just way too cute! As much as I love purses, I'm going to be in lots of trouble with diaper bags. Who knew that they could be stylish and not have Winnie the Pooh plastered on … Continue reading

Brain overload!

John and I just got back from our first adoption seminar and I believe my brain is mush! It was so much information! Of course they started with a video showing past matches at the time of adoption and where they are now and they had the song "When Love Takes You In" by 4Him and we both cried! It … Continue reading