Back to reality

I am safely back home from our holiday ventures. We are very glad to have our own bed back (especially with the new memory foam mattress) but I think our girls were the most excited to be back home! They were worn out! But it was a great Christmas and I loved getting to see all of our family. I was esp homesick on Christmas morning as it was my first time to be away from home on Christmas day **sniff** I definitely long to be closer to my family. Maybe someday it will work out after grad school is over.

I am unfortunately back at work. While it has been unusually quiet, it has allowed me to get work done that usually gets pushed aside when everyone is here.

I had an interesting doctors appointment yesterday. Dr. H was as surprised as I was to find out that the sleep tests results pointed to sleep apnea. At first I was really upset but I’m trying to be positive. If having a CPAP machine allows me (and John) to have a good nights sleep and for me to actually have energy and a memory, it will be so worth it! Dr. H told me that she got a very nice letter from Dr. P (my new rheum) and was glad to hear that I liked him too. We also talked about my wacky cycles which is frustrating. This last cycle was 35 days but OPKs showed that I O’d on CD 14 (and I tested until it was stark white after O) which made my LP 21 days which is nuts. She says that either the tests were wrong or that I had an early m/c (even though pg tests were neg). I am going with the tests b/c I just can’t bear the thought of a m/c. But to try to regulate things and keep my sanity until IVF, I started bcp this morning which both saddens me and makes me hopeful that I can regain some sanity in the next few months by not having to wonder about ovulation, CM, or every twinge I feel. I really want to focus on my marriage as pretty much all of it has been dealing with TTTC so this is a welcome break. So here’s to freedom from IF (at least for a few months) and fun sex! 🙂


Blogging from Virginia!

We made it to Virginia in one piece! Woo-woo! I am so loving being with my family! Even my brother is here and that makes it that much better. Now that we are adults all of us siblings are in different places. Brandy lives in Covington but Michael is in Norfolk and in I am Boiling Springs so the times we have together are very special. The only thing I hate is that my fibro is really bothering me today. I can hardly hold my eyes open and I just feel yucky. I’m hoping maybe a nap will fix it 🙁


Merry Christmas Early!

I am so ready to get Christmas vacation started! I am just staring at the clock at working and praying that the email from Dr B will come in saying that we can leave!

Our Christmas has already started as John & I exchanged gifts on Wednesday night as we like to have that to ourselves and enjoy that time as a couple. It was great! John definitely spoiled me! He bought me a beautiful velvet blaze! And a beautiful dress! And a VB bag! Woo-Woo! He did so good! He definitely made me feel special! He also enjoyed what I got him and that made me feel good. I think he was definitely shocked that I got him a basketball (even though it was on his list). I recommend exchanging wish lists for any couple who does Christmas shopping on a budget! This has definitely been the best Christmas by far since we’ve been married! Hopefully it keeps getting better since we leave today for Virginia!! YAY! I am SO excited to see my family! It feels like its been forever!

I really wish that I could have given them the Christmas present of news about adding a baby to the family but I don’t 🙁 AF showed today after being a week late (which will make traveling wonderful). My body has gone absolutely crazy! My cycles had gotten normal for the first 5 or 6 months after surgery but now they are back to being wacky. I can’t standing questioning every month if I’m late or just having a crazy cycle especially since we have a very little chance of getting pg on our own. I really think I want to go on bcp until we are ready for IVF. I want to take that time to just enjoy being married and being with each other. While I’m excited about moving to the next step, I really want some peace while we wait. I have an appt with Dr H the day after Christmas so I think I’m going to be asking her about that. So I guess we will see!