Successful Craziness

This week has been absolutely wild at work but at the same time I count it successful as my pain levels have been way down! YIPPEE! I'm still really tired but I will take that over being in extreme pain AND tired. So it looks like we are making progress and I might be able to enjoy the holidays … Continue reading


  I have found a new addition--snoballs. They are the Christmas version of the Whoppers candy. They are so good! I can't stop eating them! My doctor asked me if my appetite had improved and I admitted that only if she counts chocolate. I am trying to eat better but I just haven't felt like … Continue reading


The past the week I have had a song in my head that I can't get shake called "Hold the Light" by Caedmon's Call. One line that keeps repeating over and over in my head is "Jacob wrestled the angel but I'm too tired to fight." That sums up how I'm feeling. I'm just so tired of fighting the fight. I … Continue reading